Monday, March 8, 2010

Scrap the weekend Away at Twilight 2 Twilight Weekend Retreats

Scrap the weekend Away at Twilight 2 Twilight Weekend Retreats

Twilight 2 Twilight
Scrapbooking Retreats
For the Craft Enthusiant in us All!

We can cater for your group this Weekend!!

Imagine spending a non-stop Scrapbooking weekend with your group of friends, without a worry in the world, BUT HOW TO PLAN YOUR NEXT PAGE!

Book now!
Your group of friends, your weekend, your Scrapbooking escapes from twilight to twilight …

Mon –9 – 4pm Sat 9 – 1pm
Twilight Crafts
221 Ipswich Street
Esk 4312
Ph: 07 5424 2870

Fun & exciting scrapbooking weekends away...

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Twilight 2 Twilight Weekend Retreats - For the Craft Enthusiast in us All!

What’s your passion?

Card making, Embroidery, Painting, Patchwork, Power-tex,Quilting, Scrapbooking, Spinning or Weaving...

Whatever your passion, we have the answer …Need time and space to help your creative juices flow? We have the answer: a non stop craft weekend pausing only for the occasional cup of tea or coffee and yummy delights to nibble. In fact, have all your home-cooked meals catered for without having to lift a finger. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. Imagine spending a weekend with friends doing what you love best; creating beautiful and memorable masterpieces that will be cherished forever.

Quilting & Scrapbooking Weekend Retreats

Create from Twilight Friday night 2 Twilight Sunday afternoon!

Relax, Enjoy, Unwind, Create & Escape....