Saturday, November 14, 2009

OUR 1st Private Group Booking

Twilight 2 Twilight Weekend Retreats
Our 1st Private Group Booking
Embellished Ladies!

The 1st Embellished Ladies Scrapbooking Retreat weekend retreat held on the 6th 7th & 8th of November was a great Success! What an absolutely FABULOUS weekend! What a wonderful time was had by everyone who attended!!

Here what they had to say…..

Lovely! - Kristie
Great – hot shower, warm & cozy - Toni
Good & Rustic - Debbie
Very homely feel and beautiful pressure in the shower - Melissa & Suzanne
Great atmosphere- Suzy
My mattress was very comfy - Tanya
Very comfortable bed - Allison
Lovely! Very comfy bed, great lighting & access - Paula

Absolutely fantastic never felt hungry always more than enough - Melissa & Suzanne
Amazing! Loved all of it! - Kristie
Fabulous! - Toni
Fantastic! - Paula
Excellent - Debbie
Very tasty, great variety, plentiful – superb! - Suzy
Great – looked after us well - Tanya
Fantastic - Allison

Good lighting, plenty of room - Toni
Great loved having own Desk! - Kristie
Great desks & chairs – good power points - Debbie
Very spacious for all belongings - Melissa & Suzanne
Well laid out, lots of space – lights fabulous – comfy chairs - Suzy
Good desks, chairs & lights - Tanya
Great- love the lights and the fact we got one table each! - Allison
What she said! - Paula

Loved all of the tools - Kristie
Good variety of tools - Melissa & Suzanne
Love the piccy’s for what’s on shelf! - Toni
Good - Debbie
Use of tools great - Suzy
Great to be able to play with other tools - Tanya
Well stocked – very generous! - Allison
Amazing! - Paula

Had a fabulous stay, felt welcome &enjoyed my time! - Suzy
Fantastic! Hope to come back! - Kristie
Wonderful – coming back! - Toni
A really lovely weekend we had a great time! Thank you! - Debbie
Very friendly staff – open to suggestions and open to ideas. Nothing was too much problem - Allison
A lovely, relaxing weekend! -Paula
Lovely place. Great atmosphere. Would love to come back! -Tanya
Good value for money! -Melissa & Suzanne

All Crafts, All levels Welcome

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